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Why Planes Vanish - PBS Documentary on Flight MH370

by Super User, 2 years ago
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The disappearance of Flight MH370 stunned the world. In an era of smart-phones and GPS, how could a 270-ton passenger jet vanish into thin air? It was a rude awakening for all of us, showing just how far we are from the world we imagined we lived in—in which every move is monitored all the time. NOVA tells the inside story of the search for Flight MH370 and meets the key players from all corners of the globe who have spent months searching for the lost plane. In the search for answers, we'll reveal how today's planes must fly through vast radar "blind spots," and investigate new technologies that could allow ground stations and satellites to track planes automatically, without pilot intervention, even in remote areas with no radar coverage. What will it take to guarantee that in the future, nothing will ever be 'lost' again?The documentary details what we know occurred on that fateful flight, examines in depth what could have happened but most likely did not happen and explores what may have in fact occurred. Mr. O’Brien, a long-time aviation reporter and pilot, does an outstanding job of producing a film for aviation enthusiasts of all levels of aeronautical knowledge. He does a particularly good job of explaining highly technical information on airline systems, radar and the now-famous Immarsat satellites to a general audience.The documentary interviews a number of aviation experts (full disclosure, I am interviewed in the show) including two long-time Boeing 777 pilots, a former FAA radar engineer, David Gallo, the oceanographer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute who was instrumental in searching and finding Air France Flight 447 and the Immarsat engineers who performed never-before-done analyses of data from their satellites.Why Planes Vanish should be viewed by all aviation regulators and policy makers around the world. As is clear from the documentary, there is much that can and should be done to prevent an airliner from ever vanishing again. As Mary Schiavo, former Inspector General for the US Department of Transportation, states in the film there is no reason to wait for some of these changes for the missing flight to be found.Related Tags: why planes vanish, why aeroplanes vanish, mh370,Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Malaysia Airlines, Flight 370, mh370 documentary, flight 370 documentary, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, conspiracy therories, flight theory,boeing, boeing 777, boeing plane, aircraft, missing aircraft, aircraft documentary, plane documentary, flight documentary, aeroplane documentary, AirAsia flight QZ8501, AirAsia QZ8501, QZ8501,air asia, QZ8501 documentary, malaysia, black box, TransAsia Flight 235