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Elements of Narratives (excerpt)

by UrsAdda Communiy, 2 years ago
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This programme takes an in-depth look at the structure and components of narrative writing. Whether it is a novel, short story, film or video game, narratives can take many forms. But fundamentally, narratives will always include characterisation, plot structure, tone, mood and setting, stylistic techniques, diction/language, and themes. In this programme we see how these elements are brought to life through the careful choices of the author. With clear and concise explanations of these key elements and examples that viewers will readily relate to, this is an essential introduction to the fundamentals of narrative writing.For more information, or to make a purchase visit: http://www.classroomvideo.co.uk/secondary-schools/elements-of-narratives.htmlPLEASE NOTE: Embedding our clips in other pages is allowed for non-commercial reproduction - on condition that credit to Classroom Video Ltd is included, along with a link to our site www.classroomvideo.co.uk